Our Senior Leadership Team

Meet the folks who make Hear Their Roar happen! All of us, including Megan, are currently volunteers.

Megan Tanner

Founder and CEO

Megan graduated from Drama College in 2001 and in 2007 along side performing in theatre, TV and film Megan started working as a communication consultant and presenter. 

As a communication consultant Megan has facilitated workshops and presentations in small business to FTSE 100 companies and also in schools up and down the country.

Megan started fostering in 2012 and looks after highly challenging children and adolescents. So far she has fostered 6 teenagers and 3 children and is an advocate in UK fostering. Her advocacy includes: being part of The Fostering Network ‘Keep Connected’ campaign and also being part of their ‘State Of The Nation’ fostering survey by taking part in their podcast, encouraging foster carers to speak out for change. Megan and her supervising social worker have also changed agency policy for foster children’s benefit.

To contact Megan - [email protected]

Emma Bryant (MInstF Dip)

Head of Fundraising

Emma is a tutor for the Institute of Fundraising's online Certificate in Fundraising qualification and has experience of teaching fundraising in multiple countries, including the United States. Having worked alongside fundraising academics Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang for the past five years, Emma has an appreciation for donor wellbeing and philanthropic psychology, and a desire for constant development of donor-centric practice. Emma is a Trustee for a small charity based in Scotland, and supports other small organisations with their fundraising strategy and development whenever possible. She completed her degree in Public Relations, and has a background in business and marketing.

Emma also brings a real joy to the team, she has a huge heart for people which is exciting to be around.

To contact Emma - [email protected]

Victoria Billington

Head of Logistics

Specialist Advisor - Early Years

Victoria sorts all logistics out for our international projects, which is no small feat. 

Victoria is also our Specialist Advisor for the Early Years. Victoria has 2 young children and has dedicated the past few years to learning about trauma healing, parenting and child development. 

Victoria brings a delightful energy and drive and the much needed pragmatic thinking too.

To contact Victoria - [email protected]

Sue Longmate

Head of HTR UK Schools Department

Sue has been a primary school teacher for 33 years. She has a desire to see children investing in global citizenship and seeing them empowered to 'be the change'.

Hear Their Roar runs interactive workshops, lessons or assemblies for primary and secondary schools, engaging children in global citizenship, the UNCRC and teaching them about the work we do with children in Africa. If you are interested in this please do contact Sue.

To contact Sue - [email protected]

Irene Moss

Specialist Advisor - Education

Irene came to Uganda in 2019 and since then joined the Senior Leadership Team as our Specialist Advisor for Education.

Irene is founder and principal of ‘Starburst Academy’, which offers performing arts tuition at their Saturday Academy in Watford and after-school clubs and holiday workshops. Irene is also Head of Drama, an English Teacher and a Form Teacher at a girl’s school in Gerrards Cross.

Irene brings boundless energy and passion for connecting communities and building relationships as well as a wealth of knowledge for working with the children.

Matthew Longmate


Strategy and Development Consultant

To contact Matthew - [email protected]

Roz Capelin-Jones


Specialist Advisor - Paediatrics

Roz is a paediatrician and has 3 young children. She brings so much value to the team and has a real desire to invest in communities and helping safeguard children.