Fundraisers and In Kind Donors

We are constantly blown away by our fundraisers! So many great and fun ideas including, car boot sales, school fundraising, hair cutting, concerts, etc. Please see some photos of these event below.

We are so thankful to everyone who gifts to us in kind. In kind giving is giving of time, skills or goods rather than money. It is an incredible way to be a part of Hear Their Roar.

You can be an individual or school or company, and through offering your time or offering your skill set or offering actual goods you become an In Kind Donor and help Hear Their Roar be the best it can be for the young people we serve.

We love to celebrate our In Kind Donors, so take a look below to see all the amazing ideas and help they give Hear Their Roar.

Do you have some spare time?

Do you have a skill set?

Do you have any goods which could help Hear Their Roar?

If so we would love to hear from you and we can vouch that our answer will always be a 'Yes please!!'.


We couldn't be more thankful for our generous donors. 

We use the Givey site as it gives 100% of donations and does not take a percentage like most other sites do - how awesome is that!

Please click the photo to the right to go to our Givey page.

Thank you so much!