How Hear Their Roar Started

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How Hear Their Roar Started

Megan Tanner, a communication consultant, actress and foster carer started Hear Their Roar in 2018 and the charity received it's Charity Registration Number in March 2020.

Megan started working as a foster carer in 2012 and over the years had seen unimaginable trauma in young people.

She had also been out to Sierra Leone and saw the trauma that affects young people out there.

‘Psychological and emotional trauma has devastating impacts on the lives of young people and their futures. Every young person has the right to healing from abuse and trauma’

Megan realised she wanted to be part of the change and part of the healing process for young people who suffered emotional and mental health damage from abuse and trauma. So she began years of studying emotional health, trauma and abuse to define how we can heal hearts and minds in young people and restore identity. Being an actress and vocal coach Megan also knew that performing arts and sport are perfect mediums for starting conversations that create effective change.

And so Hear Their Roar was born! Born out of a desire to give young people who have experienced trauma a way to explore their thoughts, feelings and situations.